This is me…

I am a normal Belfast girl who has a love for Jesus.

I am a the wife of an amazing man. I am a mother of two little girls (or should I say Princesses). I love to bake, anything from fairy buns with sprinkles to beautiful masterpieces. I love to sing. I am a Christian who loves God simply because He loved me first. And I am the administrator for our church which somehow stemmed from my love for serving Jesus. I love life and I love to blog.

I have had my own life experiences, which have caused so many learning curves, which I hope to use for Gods Glory.

But some where in my day chasing my girls, I find the time to hear or ask from God, this is simply an outline of what He places in to my heart. For some wild reason I thought it would be a good idea to let people read what goes on in my mind 🙂 … (Some would say that was a dangerous thought)

This is Gerald, Emily, Ava Rose and myself… I hope you like what you read… and get to know God more from reading.

All my love

Shelley x



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