Ava Rose 💕

This is Ava.. she is a typical 5 year old in some ways she loves pasta, blankey, and puddles, swimming, play parks and purple juice. Yet in some ways she is like no other 5 year old for a few small reasons. 

Ava you are feisty, stubborn, passionate, loving, and funny. You are everything a parent could dream of for you are encouraging and you live up to your name and yet you are the biggest challenge of my life for now I am parenting a younger version of me and with that comes many a day when I pray Grace Grace.! There are days that are smooth sailing as you play happily on the floor with blocks and Shopkins, or in the garden on your bike, there are days when you simply want snuggles with blankey speaking through your thumb as it’s being sucked and in those days I remember your my sunshine, a happy place. 

Then there are the other days that come; the days when you fight with your sister, huff and storm around. Your contrary, and stubborn behaviour rising again to the surface and I have to remind myself that someday those qualities will be your best asset. That someday you will have a conviction that your passionate about and your stubborn nature will ensure that you don’t let go until it’s finished. I admire you and I can already imagine the woman you’ll be someday but baby please don’t forget to grow. 

Grow in knowledge, set your mind to learning new things and informing yourself about the world you live in and the causes that matter to your heart. Those things will be the things God will use you to change and so you need to know what they are and why it matters, but you also need good grades and you my dear are capable of both! Never quit, always grow, always find new ways to achieve, and what ever your hand finds to do within that growth- do well! 

Grow in love. Never stop loving people. There is good in everyone, it may be like a nugget of gold in a hot dry desert, but there in the soul of another is a good thing, find it, and love it. From love grows the most the most beautiful of character. Love is the water on the daffodil of life, put water on the plant and you’ll see it grow. Likewise put love in the life of another and you’ll see them flourish. You could be surprised what love can do to the lost and lonely heart. 

Grow in God. Find him and pursue him. Allow God to direct the paths of your life and pursue His ways and His plans. He created you and your individual nature so run after what he has for you. There in His will you will always be where you fit in- even when it’s tough. Even when the days are long and the heart ache is too much to bear, then stay in His will and pray Grace. 

Honey, when the time comes for you to be all God has for you, when the time comes for you to be the woman God created for whatever purpose he has, know this; your dad and I will be standing there cheering you on, supporting you, praying for you and loving you! 

Ava Rose never be anything else for you are both of your names in character form, you bring life and vibrancy every where you go spreading your wings and soaring and you blossom like a little flower; we love you deeply for it!


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