Mother’s Day 

On the run up to Mother’s Day I had been inclined to read up on the women of the bible. Women who made their way into the lineage of Jesus. 

You know what I found? Women who stayed the path and trusted Yahweh, women who stood on the promises founded in the Old Testament and women who stood up to the plate when the men where filled with unbelief. women who honoured the God they loved so deeply. 

Today I fell into the gospels where I reread the story of Mary. What I found was a young girl, not an adult, a young girl betrothed to Joesph. Mary, to quote Matthew, found favour with God, and so because of her love of God, an angel came to her and explained she would birth Jesus Christ Gods son. 

Can you remember the moment you found out you would soon have a child? I don’t know if it was a happy moment or not, whether it was planned or unplanned? I remember my pregnancy moments like they were yesterday! I don’t know about you but I do know that some time later Mary gave birth to her bundle of joy and into the world with his own characteristics and traits Jesus was born, with one aim; To connect us to God. What a privilege for Mary, to be favoured so highly. 

Today I am thankful for that moment in history, for Mary’s first Mother’s Day. But I am also thankful for my own. I am thankful that I have given birth to two beautiful girls, but from reading Mary’s story I am inclined to take away a few leaves from her book that I believe will improve my abilities as a mother. 

Look at Mary’s life, you can find it in the book of Matthew. This young girl trusted and followed God into a journey which would then change her path. At the point where we pick up Mary was planning a wedding, she was preparing herself for the journey into marriage with her betrothed- Joseph, maybe she was planning for children? Maybe she was planning on building a future? We do not know but we know she was doing two things during this process that are vital for Christian mothers today- she was loving God and honouring him. She found favour in God because she spent time with God. She believed in him and in his plans. God knew she had a faith big enough to believe this plan of His could flourish. 

Today I will take away her faith, and so I will trust God at his word. Ok, I will attempt to trust God at his word. I will endeavour to trust him when he gives me obscure directions and I will endeavour to believe the man He says He is. I will stand on his word, I will believe it when he tells me what to do next even if it is outside of the plans I am making for myself. I will believe HIS plans for my children and refrain from trying to build my own. Instead I will teach them just like Mary to go to church and to honour God. 

As a Christian parent I will also spend time honing my children’s gifts and I will believe in them. I will believe for them! My girls are already showing talent and giftings in their little lives. I want to be a Mary, I want to encourage them in their gifts. I want to stand ‘at weddings’- so to speak and encourage them to use the talents they were birthed with. Look at the scene the wedding feast Jesus is invited to. John chapter 2 records the moment that Mary goes to her son requesting his help. She dismisses his refusal and so Jesus first miracle is recorded. She believed. She had faith in God and in her son. I want to be a Mary who devotes my life to bringing my children up and teaching them the ways of the Lord. To be a lady who fiercely encourages her children into all they can be for and in God. 

Lastly, I want to be always there. Never far from my children. On the last days when hope was dead because Jesus had been buried, the disciples longed for the truth, for the rabbi they had followed for 3 whole years, and no doubt Mary longed for the truth also, but I fully believe she stayed with her child, when hope was lost she stayed, she longed to be near her son, her first born, the child she brought up, taught how to use a spoon and dress himself. 

She went that first morning to the tomb, she wanted to anoint her son, but there she witnessed what only her heart could believe. The truth had come to pass her son risen! The plan of God still in motion. Mark 16:8 says they fled the tomb, can you imagine Mary’s excitement. The moment she found out, I’m sure Mary ran that day to find him. I’m sure Mary thanked God that day. Oh that no matter what happens in my children’s future no matter how low or how dead hope seems that I will always be a mother who goes to them, who finds hope alive in them. 

Mothering is the hardest job I have ever done, but today I will end this day having faith, loving Him more, and spending time in my fathers presence in order that my children will see a woman who fears God and longs to fear him also. 


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