Waiting on a Miracle

Recently I have written a lot on the story of Jairus and the nameless woman healed from her issue of blood detailed in both Mark 5, and Luke 8. I would apologise but to be really honest I am really enjoying reading this story simply because I keep finding nuggets of truth built in and I have to share them. 

For example last night I had jumped into the shower after a busy day with my girls and my niece, you know those parent days, tired and sleepy but a few minutes of quiet is required before bedtime. Isn’t it funny where you pray when you have small kids… 

I had been thinking through a series of events over the past few days in my own life, you know frank conversations I had had with others, a word of encouragement, just about my world and in a moment a thought flooded my thinking. My heart just stopped for a moment to ponder because I was fascinated, and to be honest it resonated with my current world so to speak… those beautiful moments of chastisement. Two things I will confess here; God doesn’t do it my way, or in my time.

Jairus is such an interesting man, he shouldn’t want Jesus to help but he comes begging for him to heal his little girl. The story as I’ve outlined before is simply the heart cry of a father desiring the healing power of Jesus in order to save his daughters life, but he was interrupted by a woman’s last ditch attempt at healing from a man she had heard remarkable stories of. The stories intertwine beautifully and as I’ve pointed out before, faith, healing, love and grace are the backbone to this passage in scripture. 

But yesterday when the thought came to my mind I was stomped because waiting was involved too! (Is there any one who involves waiting!)

Jairus came to ask Jesus to heal his child but mid conversation with the woman who interrupted a servant came to tell Jairus his daughter had died, to leave the teacher alone. But (what a word) but because he stopped to wait with Jesus he didn’t see one miracle but he stood in the greatness of two…! 

He stood and watched as Jesus discussed this woman’s healing, and later we find he stands alongside Jesus and witnesses his daughters healing also! 

Immediately I could hear God say ‘Shelley come on, wait with me and you’ll see the miraculous in your loved ones, in your church, in your friends, and then, then we will raise your daughter- then we will get to your heart cry, but stay with me. Wait were I wait, walk where I walk, be where I am…’ 

boom! I was blown, literally. Today I have reread this passage. You know if I was Jairus when the servant came my way I would have hung my head, tears flowing and walked away. I wouldn’t have waited. I wouldn’t have entertained it and yet unexpectedly Jairus does and sees a revelation of God because of it! 

Simple put this is a good lesson to see and pray for the miraculous in others lives while waiting on the miracle in your own. 

Waiting doesn’t need to be sitting or stopping, waiting is watching and preparing. Be Jairus. Stay with Jesus and see his Glory revealed. 


2 thoughts on “Waiting on a Miracle

  1. Brilliant Michelle I love your honestly and passion.
    This statement says it all, stay with Jesus and see his glory revealed, how powerful and exciting to know that in all things Gods glory will be revealed in his time and within his will.

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