Your Faith Made You Well

It’s strange now, you know, looking back. It’s the end of another year from I met Jesus. Oh how the days can be long, but the years are ever few. I still remember the moment, the impulsiveness of my actions. It had been so many years, I remember waking up that morning and realising the flow hadn’t stopped yet, and it probably should have, wondering how many days I had been unclean, and realising that a week had already past. The weeks and years moved on, and some days I was so used to it that I forgot it wasn’t normal, but there were so many days that my life felt empty, I genuinely thought that Yaweh had been angry at me, I tried to clean my sins, but I had no access to the temple, I tried every medicine the doctors could offer, to no avail, each time building my hopes up, I began believing in the alternative medicines and superstitions, and yet I came away as empty as I arrived, and financially destitute. I remember the moments of sheer fatigue, the empty womb that groaned desiring a baby, yearning for a little one to love. For the arms of a husband around me, to comfort me. To sit in the temple and hear the words of the Torah and feel the presence of God, just to feel clean again. Oh, those days were long.

Then there was this morning, I had heard about Jesus through the grape vine, you know as you do, passing by the market place people would have been telling stories of healings, of raising the dead, of making wine from water. Marvellous acts that could only be from God himself, and then this one day I heard he was on his way back through our village coming from the sea where he healed the demon possessed man just across the waters.

I thought; this is it! This is my chance if I do not speak with him I will surely die, for there were no other solutions. Of I went, when I got near the crowd I almost ran away, I remember the Levitical laws that said I was unclean, I could not be near such a man, and yet I longed just to touch His garment, for I believed in that one touch He could make me well. I thought I had lost my opportunity when Jairus had come to ask for Jesus to make his daughter well, but in this moment knowing Jesus would leave I ran, I used the distraction and I found myself running towards this crowd, its laughable now, to think this unclean woman about to break the law she guarded so close to her heart, yet Jesus seemed as though He would understand. I wrapped the veil around my face, bent low and pushed through the crowd, just as he was about to walk away I grabbed hold of the tassels on His robe.

I knew I was healed instantly, for the first time in 12 long years I knew it had stopped. My days were about to turn around. I thought I had gotten away, when suddenly, he spoke, “Who Touched me?” NO!! I cried in my heart fearing he would send me away, but bravely I stepped forward, I told Him of why I touched His garment, and in this moment, He made me feel a million things, “Daughter” He said, Daughter… wow, the first time in so long that someone had used a term of endearment towards me, I was mesmerised He was like no one I had ever met before. Your faith has made you well was the words I remember Him saying over my life.

I do remember the little girl He healed, they had said she died, but no Jesus said she was but only asleep. The truth be told, I believe He raised her from the grave. We see her from time to time, out in the market place, bright and breezy, loving and kind. The acts Jesus preformed that day could only be from God himself.

Life is so different now, I remember walking to the temple that first Sabbath, Oh the joy that filled my soul, getting to spend time with old friends, and making new ones, meeting the love of my life, and now this little baby who I hold in my arms; moments I thought I would never be able to have. All because of that one impulsive faith moment with the King of Kings. The cross, and the resurrection were hard moments in my life, the cross signified death and yet He rose from the grave. My faith in Him is unwavering. I am excited to know Jesus will one day return for me and my family! To sit at His feet in Heaven will be the biggest privilege of my life. I am a thankful woman and I cannot wait to tell my little boy of a King higher than the earthy rulers, of a man greater than all creation, of a God worthy of our praise.

The Joy that fills my soul is indescribable.


I have read this story on repeat for the last little while, and yet learn from it every time. I hope in reading this unnamed woman’s story that you find the joy of God in your life. Even if your healing isn’t ‘as great’ in the eyes of the world remember the Lord comes to those who have heavy hearts, troubles and trials, leave them with him, for as this one lady found out, God is never too busy, and your troubles are never too small, or too big for Him to care for.




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