Thanksgiving 🍁

Today is thanksgiving, a day when America and others around the world stop and gather together, rest and appreciate each other, laugh, eat, drink and look around for the things that matter most in their lives. 

I love the idea of thanksgiving, it could be a tradition I begin in my own little family next year simply because I believe to have a thankful family, thankful kids, I must set the example to be thankful also. I must set the standard. Today though I do have to be honest, Thankfulness would be a choice. Sometimes life can be heavy and difficult, and some days just don’t seem like days to be thankful. Yet whether today is filled with children who do nothing but moan (come mams on we all have them days), or family problems, money worries, your car has broken down, your dog is sick, you’ve lost your job… the list of life’s trails are long… but still there are things to be thankful for.  

Thankful that I have a family to feed, clothe, bath, run around after. 

Thankful for my husband who I love deeply, who looks after me when others wouldn’t think I need it. Who sees past the big smile. 

For my family, mam, dad and siblings, who love me even though they know me. 

Thankful for honest friends, who direct my life, tell me what I need to hear and not what I want to hear. 

For my church and job, which are one in the same. The Godly men and women who lead our church and tend to the community graciously. 

For the car I drive, the house I live in, the bed I cosy down in, the tea cup I sip my tea from and the table where my family share stories of their day. 

I am thankful for many things, when I look at my life the greatest gift I have ever received is Jesus. And today I am thankful in the muddles and the joys for a relationship with Jesus. For kids and a husband who know him. For a bible to read, and worship to sing, for a God whose ear bends to hear me, for a Father who is both limitless and loving, gracious and giving, merciful and magnificent.

Today Thankfulness may be a choice for you to but choose well! 


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