The Jairus Experience 

In my everyday life there are some things that truly annoy me, you know, maybe when I am reading with my husband and suddenly there is an epiphany and I am excitedly trying to tell him, like an excited child in a sweetie store and he is replying “hold on, I have to finish my sentence”. Why? Because he is in able to multitask… I find the same thing with my boss if he gets a text message and I begin talking there is a blank expression all over his face because he just doesn’t read and talk at the same time. Im always silently reminding myself to wait… Not that I do it well as I’m sure they would agree. 
But then I read in my bible a story about Jairus and his family; his daughter specifically. A dialogue between a father and the greatest of physicians. A moment of panic, of despair, the last possible idea, the last straw so to speak to try before death knocks down the door of this mans home, and brings grief as the unwelcome guest. 
His daughter is unwell, though the scriptures do not say why, except that she is found in the story on her death bed. This religious leader decides that he must do something and we come in on him then pleading with Jesus to come and to heal her when all of a sudden someone interrupts… Can you imagine the despair, the pain in Jairus heart knowing he only had a few moments to spare before his daughter would pass, desperately needing this man to come and at least try, if nothing else, to heal her and in walks an outcast… A lady who shouldn’t be here according to the law, a lady who was defiled, unclean; but a lady who needed Jesus just as much.
Thankfully for Jairus and this lady, Jesus was and is the perfect man and multitasking is his thing! When this lady with an issue of blood came and touched the hem of Jesus garment she never took him away, Jesus stopped and exhonorated this lady, he gave her back her life, he gave her back her identity, he gave her back her joy, her laughter, her life, her family, her home, her chance of a job, her livelihood. Jesus stopped in one mans despair to bring this lady to life. 
Yet!! He was never drawn away from Jairus. Mid story we find a servant come and deliver the unbearable heart wrenching news that this little girl, this fathers treasure had died. Oh but little did they know- Jesus was never late, Jesus was never behind. He was on time: and in that moment he showed them the glory of God in the human form of Jesus Christ. He revealed the healer, the physician that he was and brought life and healing back to this home as he had for the woman just minutes before. 
You know often I remind myself that God is omnipresent; always there, he is omnipotent; all powerful. He is magnificently perfect and always good. God does not look upon my despair, my burden any less or any more than any other for He is the maker of all things, and the power before all things. 
Oh how often I feel like Jairus. Like I’ve prayed and cried to God himself and yet my dreams were left to die. Like I approached the man who was capable of making change, buried my prayers in his palm and yet I feel as though someone has touched the hem of his garment interrupting my cry and therefore my dream has been left to die, but oh how I then underestimate his omnipotence, his all knowing, all powerful character, the one who knows, the one who is! 
It is in these moments God is simply aligning the path that will reveal the Glory of God, the moments when heaven is seen on earth if only for a moment. He is simply bringing to bloom the seeds in another’s life, and for those things I am so thankful. I will remind myself again My God is always on time, My God will not let me down, for He is good, and His love it endures. 
My God is not only the greatest of physicians but he is also perfect at multi-tasking. 


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