Sweet Emily… 

Emily: You are beautiful. Your red hair is stunning, your blue eyes brightly shine and look deep into my soul, you have the height of a model that I would love, mostly so dad will quit the small jokes… You are stunning. 

But baby, if there was one piece of advice I would want you to always know, it is this: be more! Be more than beautiful, stunning and gorgeous. 
Be intelligent, every day wake up and learn new things, look at the world for more than glitz and glam, see the leaves the fall, the wind that blows, learn about life and the amazing possibilities that lie before you. Get good grades, not because I expect it but because as a clever little lady; you are capable! You are a smart, collected and incredibly inquisitive little lady. Be those things… 

Be creative, use your love of colour to make beautiful pieces of art. Colour the world with hues of happiness, love and life, be inventive and stay out of the box of this world and live in your own little palette. If your pink be pink, but know this, when blue comes along its ok to be purple together. You don’t need make up, you don’t need fancy clothes, a smile is the greatest thing you will ever wear…. But be pink.. Always be you! 

Be fun, we (your dad and I) love nothing more than the laughs that you give out, the belly laugh when you get a tickle or hear an epic joke. The beauty in your eyes as your smile reaches from your lips, the hearty sound as your lungs open and giggles burst out. It’s our favourite. Take your laugh every where you go, make life fun for others. Be positive in a world that will make you negative. Be life in a world that preaches death. Show the fun. 

And last but not least. Be love… Show the world how much you love Jesus and also how much he loves you..! The world is in such need of Jesus and you can show them. Be love, be grace, be the light for them! Stand on the shoreline of life and be a lighthouse to those drowning in the mist. Be love baby girl. Be love. 


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