Dear Teacher 

Dear teacher…

Today I left my babies with you, my beautiful bright eyed red head who loves learning and making friends but is equally nervous and unsure of her new class room and my blonde haired brown eyed beauty who is about to experience ‘big school’ through her own eyes after hearing so much from big sis but without her best friend who she has been stuck to from day one of nursery. 

I left them with you today in a classroom for a few hours full of 26 other children. I know, I know your trained to care for them, to wipe their noses, and teach them A,B,C’s, to make sure they know the curriculum. And though I am untrained I am a self taught professional in the world of the Treacy girls. 

I have learned everything from their bottom lips that drop when a tear is about to follow, to the little way their noses curl up when they laugh the loudest. I know what joke is coming next and when my girls are tired and the bad temper that is being seen just needs an apple and a 5 minute rest with blankey. 

I know this year you have 26 kids to learn about, to encourage, to build up and I promise that my girls will try to be the best they can be to make it easier for you. I’m so conscious that you do your best with only the help of a classroom assistant who is probably worth her weight in gold. 

But excuse my fears, excuse my worry as I hope it doesn’t rub off on these little beauties. All I ask of you is that you see them for who they are. That they don’t get lost in a sea of Green jumpers and Grey skirts but that you see them as individuals, as little ladies growing up in a big world, and that you on their off days get to their level and talk it out, that’s what they are used to and that’s what will make them easier to contend with.I know Ava’s hand pull, I know Emily’s repetitive nature, I know they frustrate- but I know it’s also how they communicate. 

So if my girl grabs your hand excitedly or anxiously please try not to ask them to wait, but look into those eyes filled with wonder and get up close, hear the excitement, hear the inquisitive nature I have nurtured and please, please respond well. 


From a very worried mother  


2 thoughts on “Dear Teacher 

  1. How beautiful and written from your heart. This made me cry as those precious little women my granddaughters going to school take me back to when you and your sisters began your small steps into the big world.

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