Easter Saturday 

This Easter I drove a good 4 hours to and from Malahide which left for a lot of thinking time. I thought about a lot of stuff but then my mind drew to the idea of Easter Saturday, and I got to thinking how often do I react like the disciples on Easter Saturday.

So to set the scene, Jesus had died after a long 36 hours or so being on trial repeatedly and being abused both physically and emotionally, and then is placed in a tomb by a man named Joseph of Arimathea. This tomb was no ordinary tomb, it was guarded by soldiers and sealed by command for the fear the disciples would steal his body. 
The disciples… His followers… His friends spent days denying Jesus, hiding in the background just as John 20:19 tells us they were in fear for their lives from the Jewish leaders of the day. They ran from his plans when they seemed too tough or hard.
Just like the disciples, who knew the prophecy, they knew Jesus would reign, they knew from Isaiah and the Old Testament prophets that Jesus would have to die. They knew from experience how sovereign he was. Yet in this moment of pain, of confusion, they doubted, they didn’t understand and so they ran scared. They had spent 3 years with this man, witnessed Jesus raising the dead, witnessed as he healed men and women and yet when it came to the crux of the story were petrified. 
You see what the world seen as defeat was only Jesus next part in Gods big resurrection and salvation story. It was a spiritual change, required to save the world spiritually. But God had a plan and as the world silently grieved, the heavens awaited the opening of the grave and the rising of Jesus and therefore hope! 
Way to often to my shame that is my story I am the world grieving and yet heaven is awaiting a ressurection.

God has made me promises that I plant deep into my life, but then just as Elizabeth Elliot would say ‘I dig up in doubt what I have planted in faith’. Gods word is very specific in saying “I will never leave you nor forsake you” yet I fear that I’m alone. I know the word of God but still when life gets tough I fear, I run. This Easter I have learned that although Saturday’s may come when Gods hand seems bare, and his face cannot be seen nor his plans understood that I will remain in him, that I will stand on the radical promises, the scriptures that right now make no sense. I will lean on him and in him. 
For God is a Romans 8:28 God, the one who is for me, who will never leave me and will always go before me, who is always watching over me and is ensuring my paths are straight for His glory. He is sovereign and he is always always doing… Whether it be physically where I can see it or in the spiritual realm when he is fighting for me, and teaching me lives hardest learned lessons. Still I will trust him on the Saturdays, and then I will rejoice with him on Sunday. 


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