The Anchor

Just before Christmas I was shopping and seen this beautiful sparkly anchor pendant, I fell in love and was innocently telling my mother later that day. Little did I know she would endeavour to find it as a surprise present for Christmas. I was thrilled when I opened it.
My little one Ava has a huge infatuation with sparkly jewellery so as you can imagine it is the talking point between her and I on a regular basis. Just yesterday she commented again allowing my mind to run away in thought about this anchor. 

Suddenly I found myself praying that God would be the anchor of my days this year. This means a lot of things, as anchors are such an important part of the boat. 

For me this means that God would stop me before I hit the icebergs of sin or life. That he would ensure that I don’t hit life so hard that my mind sinks into despair. That he would be the brake that would engage to steer me in the correct path. One that not only benefits me but glorifies Him. 

That God would be the hook that would hold me when the wind and waves of life cause a stir in my ocean sending my life flowing too and fro. An anchor that would embed it’s self in the truths of the word of God and bind me to them as if it were life or death. Because spiritually it is. 

That as I drift through life that God would use Jesus as the anchor to direct my moments into days filled with divine appointments to bless others and to build others up. 
That He would be my source of stability and security. When all seems lost and I’ve lost my way. That he would be the hope that stabilises my soul and holds it firm in what my heart knows when my head is in doubt. 

Simply put, while I can direct and steer my own life this year I am choosing to be tied to an anchor who knows better than I. One who will do the best for me. 


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