New Year’s Eve reflections

Tomorrow is the 1st day of a new year, the first month… The sun will rise and the sun will set, everything will be the same… But will you? Each year people use phrases such as ‘new year, new me’ or ‘I’ll be changing this year?’ But will you?
Will you change at all? I suppose it’s simple really resolutions are only such when we put our minds to it, when we strive for it, when we make time but we get so caught up in the busyness of life that we forget the get fit plans, or the getting deeper in God prayers, spending more time with family. All of it gets put to the side and will do again in 2016 if we do not set aside time and leave the rat race of life to pursue abundant life with God. Goals and dreams become nothing without hardwork and grit. 

This is a small reminder on New Year’s Eve to slow down, rest a while, read that book, do the 30 minute swim or run, eat that salad or those crisps, call you mam or dad, spend time with your sibling, love on your spouse. Why not… You only live this life once but what you do now will define how you live in eternity… 


One thought on “New Year’s Eve reflections

  1. barefoot60 says:

    Love this Shelly it’s so true, we get so busy in the rat race of life that one day passes another so quickly and before we know it a month will pass and we won’t have seen a relative or friend and the longer left the harder it is to pick up leaving someone feeling not loved or cared for.
    The most special relationship is the one with God should wee ever be to busy to pray or to spend time reading his letters to us.
    This year for me will be a year of change and please God with his help and guidance it will be an adventurous positive year

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