‘I love God’: Emily 

So as I put my kids to bed last night after a crazy few hours at our churches Holiday Bible club, and then the sleepy PJ’s routine I breathed a sigh of fatigue and turned out the light. As I walk up our hall Suddenly miss Emily shouts ‘mam!!’. So I turn quickly and go back in to their room to hear her excitedly say ‘mammy, I really love God… and I like him…  I’m gonna love him forever!’

My heart exploded with joy that she at such a young age had equated God with Love. That she understood him enough to love him. 

But I also silently prayed that she would always feel that same love. In a world that pries for our attentions and endeavours to distract us from what our real purpose and plans our my hearts prayers this day are that my girl would love God forever. That there would never be a day that goes past when she doesn’t smile because of him, laugh in the joy of him and love in spite of her circumstances. 

As my Emily turns 5 in two weeks time and as life spins too fast I am blessed to know that she has stopped and seen Him as he really is.

God Is Love 


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