Dandelions In Life…

Yesterday while out in our Garden my daughter was delighted when she realised the beautiful yellow coloured ‘flowers’ had bloomed again and proceeded in picking each and every one. Yes they were decorative in colour, bright and attractive, but they were weeds, Dandelions to be precise. Wild flowers unloved by my parents who would like a pretty decorated garden filled with roses, hydrangeas, and sweet pea. 

My daughter loves flowers she is drawn to their colourful bloom in the garden. She is convinced dandelions are just like any other flower and I suppose in some ways she is right they are wild flowers.

However her response to them had me thinking as we drove off to the swimming pool for some play. In the Garden of life, how often does the devil put dandelions in our garden and we choose to pick them over the Daffodils, Roses.

Too often we find the pleasure, or gratification of sin more attractive. “God I love the other flowers in the garden of life just as much but today I’m going dabble in this one” is a phrase I believe we have all said at one time or another, either in a conscious or subconscious manner. 

The devil tempts us with things he knows connect with our character, for some of us that’s the wrong man who seems caring and kind and looks like a replacement for our dead beat dads who we long for love from, or for some it’s the taste of vodka or Gin as it glides softly down our throats eradicating our inhibitions and leaving us forgetting the pain of the day, for others it’s that wee white lie because we would never like to see our friend or loved one hurt knowing where we were yesterday, or what we did last week. Sin is personal. There is sins others commit that in my own sober thoughts would horrify me, however sin, no matter the scale is still sin. It all grieves God. 

The devils biggest aim is to sugar coat sin to entice us, only then do we find a hook that holds us tightly and grips us. We become comfortable in our state, or we become dead to normal life if we let it. 

The Dandelion is named as such because of its lance shaped leaves, and in the old French language the words Dent- De- Lion mean ‘Lions tooth’. It’s a bit like sin isn’t it, no one would walk willingly into the sins of the world if we knew the outcomes. We would shy away from the pain, the confusion, and the hurt it causes, but because we cannot see this destruction before hand we are left with the shiny beautiful array of colour, and a choice to either do the right thing, or the wrong. 

The bible tells us in Hebrews 11:24-25 that sin is a pleasure. The word of God reads:

“By faith Moses, when he became of age, refused to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter, choosing rather to suffer affliction with the people of God than to enjoy the passing pleasures of sin” (Emphasis Mine)

The word of God is honest and confesses that sin can be enjoyable, it can be pleasurable, but note the words that fall before, the Passing Pleasures. Fleeting pleasures if you like, because sin may be pleasurable for a time, but the Devil never makes you aware of the consequences that will follow. 

Just as in Genesis 3, the devil made Eve aware of a half truth, he explained that she would know the difference between Good and Evil, and that her eyes would be opened, but this was never what God wanted for Adam and Eve. They were never to know Evil, or the things that were Evil. To have a complete relationship with God the father and remain in the Garden of Eden walking together they were to know only good. It was sin that brought along the shame, rejection, and humiliation. Eve was only to ever know the love of God, and her husband Adam, the love of life, the happiness and joy that would come from following Gods laws. What the Devil didn’t tell her is that her life as she knew it would change forever, that in this one bite of an apple history would be redefined and that Satan would have his way with Humanity for as long as they let him. That he would roam the earth shaming people, deceiving them. No, you see, to have told Eve this would have left her with all of the truth and the sugar coated alluring sin he was presenting would look just as it was, wicked and deceitful.  The devil is cunning; he used Eve’s curiosity, her inquisitiveness on life and challenged it. 

What is it in your nature that the devil challenges, offering you a pleasure that will only remain for a while? Ephesians 6 is specific in telling us to wear or put on the whole armour of God. Ephesians says in verse 16;

‘Taking the shield of faith with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one’

To me this implies that the Devil will come at you to try and trip you up, do not fall for his dandelions, instead guard yourself using the words of wisdom in Ephesians 6, consider the consequences or pain you may cause another, and love God putting him first to evade from these sins. 

Temptation comes to us all but we do not have to sin. We do not have to fall into the Devils wicked ways. You are free in Christ, and if you feel you are being tempted by the thief and destroyer then you rise up in prayer and call out to God, put your head into the word and read his truths of how you are His child. Because as the old saying goes Sin will always take you where you don’t want to go, it keeps you longer than you want to stay and costs you more than you want to pay. 


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