Speck or plank.?

Today I met with a good old friend, and while chatting we happened to side track onto discussing Psalm 139. I love this chapter of the bible, I love what it stands for. Verse 14 was one of the first verses of scripture I taught to my girls.

Today however I was reading it and as I noticed powerful verses such as ‘You know all about me’. ‘You know everything I do, even before I say a word you know it’. And ‘With your right hand you uphold me’.
Yes, yes, yes is my first thought. Yes God I want that relationship with you, I am fearfully and amazingly made, and my God is good, but then I read further down the chapter and I was lead to ponder is that what I really want?

You see the words David wrote in verse 23, and 24 lead for a very different ending.

God examine me, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is anything bad in me. Lead me on the road to everlasting life.

The NIV version reads

see if there is any offensive way in me

Or the NKJV puts it as

see if there is a wicked way in me

Of course no one likes to think of themselves as having wicked inside or an offensive way before God but the bible clearly tells us that God does not like sin.

Psalm 5:4 states

You are not a God who is pleased with the wicked; you do not live with those who do evil.

Psalm 92:15 also states

They will say that the Lord is good. He is my rock. And there is no wrong in Him.

Simply because we are all born in sin, according to scripture Romans 5, then all of us are born with things in our lives that are offensive to God. The question I wanted to pose to you, one I put to myself is what kind of man or woman are we before God?

Are we as David, on our knees before God thanking Him for creating us in his holy image, are we thanking him for always being there to up hold us, for being a God who loves us so unconditionally that we cannot run from him, we cannot push him away?

Or are we as the Pharisees in Luke 6? Are we men and women who care more for judging others, and finding specks and blemishes smaller than grains of sands in the lives of those we come across in church, work, or the shopping Center, than finding that Grace that we were freely given and offering it to others. Are we willing to allow God to remove the planks of sin from our lives to enable us to go on helping others in grace and love, and loving Him.

Today I decided that I would etch Psalm 139:23-24 into my heart and that I would be a woman, who like David, will choose to be so focused and captivated by God that I would be unable to remove my eyes from Him long enough to need to know the planks or specks found in the lives of others.

I will stand on His word and declare the Grace of God that so freely covered my life to be declared over the lives of others.

My prayer is that you will to.


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