Grace Set Me Free…

Today I was reminded that things come into your life but it does not mean they are from God, or appointed by Him. Sometimes God just allows events or circumstances into our lives and then shines His Glory through it. Simply because we mess up does not make Him incapable of bringing good things. Even when the rains come they are good for they give the earth the drink it needs on a hot summers day.

5 years ago my life changed forever, I made the stupidest decision of my life and became pregnant outside of marriage. All these years on I am now blessed because now I know Gods glory at it’s finest, I know how it feels to be freed and loved. I know first hand the depth of His love for me. The vast width of His unmerited favour. I know a grace that I can never outrun no matter how many times I may have tried. I know the heights of mercy, I can try to hide but His love, it pursues me.

Surely your goodness and unfailing love will pursue me all the days of my life. Psalms 23:6

Today I am free. I am gloriously free, even though I chose a path for my life that God was against, that He had not written into the tapestry of my days. that was not ordained for me, that was a sin unto Him and everything He stood for or believed. No, none of it was His choice nor His plan but oh how gracious He was and He is.

As I stood on my wedding day recounting Romans 8:28 I remember crying out to God from the pit of my heart. ‘God you need to move in my situation. You must save my husband. You must do good through this’

For ALL things work together for the good of those who love The Lord and are called to His purpose.

(Yes, yes and yes!)

It wasn’t that I simply cried out to him, no, it was more than that. My hearts desire was that God would move, every fibre of who I was was begging with this great God to move. To bring Glory to this circumstance. It was more than a tearful moment with God.

This verse has subsequently become the hashtag (if I may) to my marriage, to how I parent and to my relationship with Jesus. I never want to be out of the will of God and I will endeavour to stick closely to Jesus following His ever footstep while holding the hand of my now God loving husband.

I am blessed beyond measure. My girls are the most beautiful, talented and funny little people I have ever met. Their good qualities are innumerable, sometimes as are their bad. But you know today I stand in the Grace of God. I have an amazing family, my husband who was once a drinker and a gambler is now a God fearing and loving man, aiming to bring our girls up in the things of God, and striving to direct our family in Gods ways.

I know how I behaved towards God was wrong, and it was sinful and I am not recommending it to anyone. I am simply so overwhelmed by the grace of our God that I have chosen to write it out.

God is amazing, he is all knowing, all seeing, he is my provider, he is my saviour, he is my friend, king, brother, father and he will come back some day and take us home to be with Him.

My God is good and His grace is abundant!!


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