Hope Always!

Today is the last day of January and while I am excited by that prospect I am also mildly nervous. The year 2015 started 31 days ago and so far this year my family has dealt with blow after blow emotionally and physically.

In 31 days we have experienced 5 deaths within my extended family, 3 of those within 10 days. We have had household sickness including chest infections, colds, and exacerbations of asthma. We have dealt with two surgeries including my grandmother, and my mammy, and we have dealt with one sister in hospital while celebrating 1 sisters birthday. It has been a long month mostly of negatives, and trials.

However today I found myself singing as if on repeat the words written so by Bethel:

So let go my soul,
And trust in Him
The waves and wind still knows your name

Through it all, through it all,
My eyes are on You,
Through it all, through it all it is well,

Through it all, through it all,
My eyes are on You,
It is well with me

This drew me to psalm 71, a piece of scripture I love so deeply. Scripture that talks of hope, of life, and of praising God all day, everyday. No matter what comes our way. This year God has firmly proved that my anchor holds. When the winds and waves blow and rock the boat of life into an unknown and unexpected scene of events I am certain and sure that my God the creator and sustainer is holding our lives in place and directing the steps of our lives into what it should be. Just as in Matthew 8 when Jesus calmed the storms physically, so I believe He still calm the storms emotionally.

This year in the 11 months to follow I will rely on Psalm 71, as it is beautifully put it in verse 14:

“As for me, I will always have hope; I will praise you more and more.”


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