Distracted or devoted?

Sometimes I watch Miss Ava Rose as she reminds the world with fierce poise and positivity that she is not ‘little,’ no she is ‘Ava Rose!’ and I giggle to myself.

This little world changer and history maker has such a grasp on who she is, and who she isn’t. She is so certain that she is big enough for any task, feisty enough to pull it of and brave enough to face any Goliath and yet she is only 2 years old!

The grasp she has is beyond measure. We love this about her. Often I wish I had half of her courage, and grip on her character.

But I could!

If only I spent my days more considerate of what God says I am. If only I stood on the promises He has spoken over my life, or the person He created me to be.

Instead we, I get so caught up looking at magazines and desiring that body, even watching my Christian friends and wanting that relationship with God, or watching other mamas and thinking ‘why can’t my kids behave like that?’

Oh the world of what ifs, the comparisons. Both are a sneaky distraction that I get caught up in so often. I am torn between what God would say over me and the worlds view because I can be so busy trying to wish He would say that of me instead.

Distraction is defined as a thing that prevents someone from concentrating on something else. When I am distracted, which can happen so easily, my focus is automatically shifted from Him who loves and created me, he who sees me as His masterpiece (Ephesians2:10) onto things of no meaning nor substance.

I want my attention to be fully on Him, I will be devoted to God, so I will rest in passages of scripture and I will stand in the promises of them. I will devote my attention to God.

I will define my character, my attitude and my days based on the love of God, because John 1:12 tells me I am His child. His father heart Is always listening to me, His ear is always inclined to me. I am fearfully and wonderfully made, even my flaws are designed by God Himself, (Psalm 134) all of His works are good. Therefore I am good. I am Michelle Treacy and with feisty poise and positivity I will remind my self of how God sees me, and I will live in it.


4 thoughts on “Distracted or devoted?

  1. Wow, how beautifully you have put together thoughts that I have also had about the boldness and confidence of myself. I am not surprised when my mother says she knows me better than I do myself, but yet I believe that I should not see myself through her human eyes but rather as my Heavenly Father sees me after I have become fully alive through the indwelling of His Spirit. Now, even in my inadequacies, I can truly fulfill my purpose in life. Even though in wordly terms I have not achieved great heights, I am who I was made to be. Keep on encouraging all of us!

  2. Oops, my boldness and confidence as a child I meant to say. Anyhow, I appreciate your writings, and I am so glad i have discovered your blog today! ♡

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