Pursuing a New thing…

We’re ready to study GOD, eager for God-knowledge. As sure as dawn breaks, so sure is his daily arrival. He comes as rain comes, as spring rain refreshing the ground.” (‭Hosea‬ ‭6‬:‭3MSG)

Reading a new book recently I stumbled over this verse quoted inside. I think it has become one of my favourite pieces found in scripture. Coming into a new year is always a strange time, it’s a moment of remembrance of the things of the past, and a touch of worry for the unknown to come. But reading this gave me a hope for the things to come.

My prayer for this year, for my life, my family, for my church, is that we would know and pursue God. That we would not ‘let up’ but that we would be in consistent pursuit of the knowledge of God. To pursue Him fully, following and chasing God, ensuring I am pursing Him, and His ways. However I do not only want to pursue God, but I want to walk in His ways, following His steps for my life that I would never be out of His will.

But I was challenged reading this… am I eager to study God? To study the man that He is, to study His character, His ways, His love, mercy and grace? Am I Eager for God knowledge?
I surely hope so, but I would love to see what our church would look like if we all were eager to study God, if as a church and individuals that we were eager to be in His presence, to hear from Him clearly, to see His face in all of its glory. What if we were to come to church with the knowledge that just like the dawn breaking in the sky is sure so surely is His arrival. That just as we know that each day will end and begin with the sun setting and rising, so we can be sure that God wants to meet with us, that God wants to be in our presence more than we will ever understand.

This verse closes with a simple acknowledgement that as the rain comes and refreshes the ground as does God with our souls. He comes to refresh us, he comes to bring us a new hope, to wash away the winter blues and bring forth new things in our lives, just like in Isaiah 43 ‘see I am doing a new thing.’

My prayer for the first Sunday of church 2015 is that we would come to church with the assurance that God will move in us if we let Him, if we desire Him. Not only that we will have the assurance but that we will allow God to move in us by coming with clean hands and clean hearts, as in psalm 24, repenting of the things that have trailed us back into our old ways or the things that we avoided doing for God. That as we meet together today that our God will be glorified, that His name would be lifted, and that each one of us would leave challenged, changed, and impacted by the presence of the Holy Spirit.


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