Kids Ministry..

My little bundles of joy are as different at times as chalk and cheese! However as different as they are there are something’s that remain the same.

Our girls are little ladies who adore singing, cake, tea and parks. They burst into our lives 4 and 2 years ago and literally threw it into a whirlwind of giggles, tickles, tears, and glitter.

Today Gerald, my husband, took Emily once again to Sunny C. She was so super excited at getting to go she was pulling him down the driveway, we barely got to say goodbye.

Tonight While they were out I have been reflecting on our youth ministries.

Tonight I am so thankful for our Kids workers, not only in Beersbridge Elim, my home church, but in all of our churches, province wide.

Each of you hold the key, the knowledge of life or death in your hand that could potentially save a child like mine. I am thankful that you take time out to pray for them. To seek God for their little souls.

I am thankful that you take each one separately and see them individually, as no child is the same. I adore that you never see a child as number or a statistic and no child is left to fend for themselves but you love them and you serve the God we adore with strength and dignity, with ingenuity, with creativity, with a whole heart, with a sacrificial heart that sometimes means you miss out on rest, sleep, family, other commitments because our children, my child, is your commitment. You work tirelessly with little thanks and most of you work voluntarily with no pay.

But your reward is coming in Glory. Our Father is preparing a place for you, a crown for you.

However here on earth in this time I honour you and I, as the mother of a little girl who sees Sunshine Corner as a highlight of her week thank you, from the depths of my heart.

We pray continually that our girls would know Jesus someday for themselves and I believe you are assisting in this mission with us, for imparting your wisdom into their young lives in fun and new ways.

Some day when they know Jesus and when they love Him as we do they will be thankful for the depth of what you have done in them, but for now know that two very proud parents are thankful for you. Thankful for the care and attention and love and that you reveal Jesus every time you take my girl to the toilet, or are patient as she sings and dances in fairy land instead of drawing a picture or listening to your story.

Thank you for revealing Jesus in everything you do and for all of your hard work!


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