Lessons from a 4 y/o… God is with you!

This morning is my little girls first day in preschool (nursery). She turned four a week ago today and is just turning into this little lady so fast I can hardly believe I used to hold a small bundle in one hand over my shoulder.

My little ginger haired beauty is soaked in church on a regular basis as I work there and my husband and I are strong believers in God and serving His church and our community but sometimes I wonder if she even understands some of what we say at her young age. Then in the blink of an eye, a moment shines through and I realise that even the littlest child can comprehend that Jesus, Gods son loves them so deeply.

This morning I sat on my bed having morning snuggles with my beauty while her younger cheeky chappy sister caught up on ‘just 5 more minutes’ refusing to leave her cot. We snuggled and giggled, and then I said ‘Emily I’m gonna miss you lots today, but I really hope you have lots of fun’. She smiled, a great big smile, sat up and looked me in the eye… This means she’s serious… And said ‘mammy I know you will but God is gonna be with you, and Ava, just come get me later.’

I almost dropped of the bed. I smiled with tears in my eyes and said ‘your right sweetheart, and He will be with you to.’

At that my day changed. I will miss my little one deeply. I hate being away from them, but how can I keep her to myself when God has so much to do in her little life, starting with education, social skills and growing into an independent little woman.

The reminder that God is always with us, Always, there is never a moment that we are alone because God promises to never leave us so many times in His word. As there is no shadow of turning in Him and He cannot lie, then I will rest easy today knowing that while Emily’s mammy cannot be in preschool making sure she is safe, and has friends, and doesn’t feel alone, and the rest of the list us mammys worry over, that our Heavenly Father goes before her and with her and will wrap a hedge of His love around her.

I guess sometimes we have to be still and just know, just believe He is God.



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