Is it ok to be me?

Me? I guess my version of me and your version of me is two very different things. I’m a guarded person and I only disclose small parts of who I am. In saying that I can reveal that I am quirky, odd, probably the most passionate person you will ever meet. Ask me about my passions or annoyances and I will have no problem chatting to you for hours because for me life is not about half hearted experiences but it’s all about ensuring we have ‘all in’ expectancies.

I believe that some of the atrocities happen in this world simply because good people have an opinion or are disgusted by things but will sit back and let it happen because they haven’t decided and predetermined that they will fight for what is right ignoring all those against them.

I believe that’s what God would want.

For His people to do the right thing not to be wavered by societies thinking, our friends opinions, our our social culture. I believe whole heartedly and passionately that what’s missing in some Christians today is a passion for the lost, a love that runs deeper than our own physical being. A spiritual love birthed by seeking God and looking at life through His eyes. A love that stems from the cross. Oh how often we forget that while the cross was for us it was not only for us.

In the midst of the scenes we read or hear about I will passionately let my light shine, I will ensure all those who know me see something different within me, I will endeavour to love the unlovable and to witness to the unsaved because when my God says He can move mountains at the words of His mouth then I will trust, I will stand on His promises and we will see revival in the lives of those we meet.

I will unashamedly take Gods side in a world were a ‘one foot in each camp’ persona exists and seems appropriate. I will not compromise on who I am to make others comfortable as my only concern is who He is making me.

I will allow God to move in and through my life in the hopes that were I am at right now others will be saved, people will be discipled and friends, or acquaintances will feel loved. I get my ideas can be a little of the scale, but Surely it’s better that we care too much than not at all?

My aim in life is to ensure without any boundaries that my life is a light to others and I love, and live as passionately as I believe Jesus did.



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