Show Love

Frequently I speak to friends, neighbours, acquaintances and the same phrases are regularly used; our world is so corrupt, people will say. I do agree. I refrain from watching the news regularly simply because I find some of the news articles disturbing, vile, and depraved. Men and women charged with murder, after hurting small children over prolonged periods of time as these little ones slip through the net of our society. Hoards of celebrities being questioned over repeated acts of evil, and some charged. Our police officers and army questioned over hiding facts misleading the courts of justice. Bombings, shootings, rapes, slave labour, and the list goes on, with too many to name.
As a mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a grandchild, I watch these news broadcasts periodically or I hear others discuss them and I am saddened deeply that this is allowed to happen in this day and age. We have laws for everything now, we even ensure people are child protection trained before they can work with children in churches and yet even with all the knowledge we have over what is acceptable and what isn’t still there are little ones who slip through the net. They seem extrovert, annoying, out spoken, brash, or introvert, quiet, or shy. While I am not saying that these children are always damaged, I am saying at times they are. There must be alarm bells ringing in our ears when we see these little souls that we just don’t hear.
We write it off as ADHD, attention seeking, or even autism, but is it possible that these little hearts just want what everyone else has? The right to be loved, to feel loved, to know what it is to have a childhood, to play games with their friends instead of refereeing their parents, or raising their siblings, to know what it is to have three meals a day and not to be sent to school hungry in dirty clothes, and without even a pencil. To not be used and abused sexually by someone they should be able to trust. To know that they have someone they can talk to.
As a Christian it breaks my heart to think there is 92,000 children within the UK who have social services contact. Over half due to neglect, and abuse, and they are just the children we have managed to find out about. 168,000,000 children worldwide are known to be involved in some form of slave labour. 168 MILLION Children. That is almost 2.7 times the population within the UK in 2012, including Northern Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales. What is done about it?
I am so thankful for Organisations like A21, or Invisible Traffick who make it their business to stand up and be counted. To make a difference even if it’s only in the hopes of saving just one. What are the rest of us doing?
As mother it is my aim to rare gutsy girls. Little princesses who know they are beautiful and hand crafted, who know their maker, and that they have massive futures ahead if only they would allow God to move in their lives. I will teach them to pray, I will teach them to read the word of God and become not only doers of it but to stand on it, and believe even when it seems tough.
I am determined that my little girls will not only be princesses, but that they even in their young age will know the value of life, the value and worth that is held deep down inside of them and others and that my husband and I will endeavour to bring that out in them in whatever way they chose to express it. My girls will be taught to stand up for what is right, be it the new Kid in school being picked on or in the future if some bigger grief comes along that they will stand on the word of God and that they will live in whatever He has birthed into their young hearts. That they will stand for something.
In the world we live in today I would urge all mams and dads to do the same. Boys or girls, Teach them the value of their worth, teach them the love of God, and most of all show them the example of how others should be treated; with love! Even when the world looks as though it is at its darkest let us be examples of His glorious and Marvellous light.


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