Who makes it grow?

As I sat in our kitchen yesterday morning, popping little Ava Rose shoes on in a mad rush to get Emily to playgroup on time, I had this interesting conversation with Em. She came bouncing into the kitchen excited and filled with pride showing of her plant she had potted in playgroup only a few weeks ago.
The conversation went a little like this:

Emily: Oh mammy look, look at my plant!!
Me: Wow! Em it’s getting so big I’m very proud.
Emily: I know mammy!
Me: I think it’s your best plant yet.
Emily: It is and I did it all by myself
Me: Well I think it’s great… Good job!

Then as though nothing happened she toddled of to eat some toast. That was it over for her but not for me. Sitting staring at her little plant I casually thought ‘Funny how kids think because who watered it?’. As I finished the thought it was as though I could almost hear God say ‘how often do you do that?’

The truth is in our daily lives as Christians, in my daily life as a Christian I so easily give myself the credit for the fruit in my life. No doubt there are others. Yes no doubt we probably sowed the seeds, and did some background work but without God watering it, it would never have flourished.

In a simple casual conversation with Emily I was reminded of psalm 127:10, Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Oh how I desire for God to be building into my life, and my families life. That we would never take the credit for His masterpieces and His workings in our lives. That for every seed we plant we would be vastly aware that without God the work we do would be feeble and in vain.


One thought on “Who makes it grow?

  1. Love this Michelle and so very true . It’s important to always give the glory to God because without him our lives are nothing. Thank you for sharing this precious moment with Emily and our Heavenly Father

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