I am always fascinated by Rahab and her story. This woman from Jericho who appeared to be the furthest thing from spiritual, living the life of a harlot, or prostitute in a house against the city wall who turns out to be the woman God chose to be the ancestor of Jesus.

The bible unfolds her story as a woman who assists in hiding two spies sent by Joshua to assess the land before they took it by force at the word of God. Within this meeting she begs them for mercy. What surprises me every time I read this story is her faith. She is not a mild hearted woman. Rahab lived in an adulterous, idol worshiping society and only knew of the God of the Israelites through men who would have come past or through her home. Yet when these men, these spies arrive in her home land she begs them to save her family and Herself. She has a faith in a God she had only ever heard stories about. She believed in what she could not see.

Oh so often I am surprised at my lack of faith, my lack of audacious believe. You see I know this God that Rahab had only heard of and yet I look at her in wonder. I look and I am amazed that this woman through grace was wiped clean, the slate emptied and her life repaired. She married, she went on to have children and in the end we now know her as the ancestor and great grandmother of Jesus himself. How awesome. Yet all it took was her to simply believe when everything was against all odds. When the day seemed impossible. When her world seemed to be over, her life at stake. She had faith in an unseen God. In an unknown faith. And in two men she had no idea would return.

Today is my birthday and I would like it to be a red letter day. As I assess the year that’s gone before, and make changes for the future. I pray that it is a day to remember. That as I make the decision to stand in faith like Rahab, that my life even though the odds are against it would be meaningful, would be used by God to inhabit his presence and extend His kingdom. That others would know His love and see His grace in my life because I simply choose to arise each morning believing.

That I would hold a faith in my God that is similar to that of Rahab. That audacious faith would be the normal in my life.



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