Going or doing?

Churches these days have mass amounts of press, whether it is good or bad the world outside of our churches has a pre conceived idea of what these ‘Christians’ are like. Some believe we are a cult full of reclusive people who want nothing to do with any one outside of our inner circle, and then there is those who believe we are ‘happy clappy’ people who are never fazed by life or circumstances because everything comes so easy for us. Both of these should be a lie.

I said ‘should be’ because the truth is there is some people who go to church who are like these people. But My challenge today from God was simple: are you too busy going to church than actually doing church?

Today this got me thinking. I believe church is more than just a building I attend, or a place I go to, to kill a few hours, or to meet with friends and hear all about Gods great plans for my life and how much He loves me. All of that is true but do you ever wonder do we as Christians get so caught up in going to church that we subconsciously but completely reject the thought that God has a plan for today. For right now. For the minutes in our week that seem odd. Do we ever consider that God loves us so much but He wants us to spread that love in to the highways and the byways that others might be drawn to this church and find Jesus there? That we need, like the early church, to actually do church. To get up and do something for His Glory. You see His love will never run out. For each drop or gallon we use up blessing another God will simply pour all of that love back into our lives.

However today I felt a challenge from God not only to plan ahead and to expect, and prepare for what will be in the future, but also to expect, to plan and to prepare for my day ahead, or that week. To seek out divine appointments with the homeless man on my way through town, or the neighbour who seems lonely, or to spend more time sowing into my children, or even just to show the stranger we run into in the street some genuine love and kindness unaware of how much God can use this willing gift. The truth is church is not four walls of a building, no no it is much more than that. It is the spirit of God in each one of us and I am a firm believer that church is not a place but it is a lifestyle and an example as to how each believer should live. We do not simply attend church because we already are the church.

After reading Mark and seeing how much God can do with a simple offering of bread and fish, I am confidently assured that while I may not have much to offer to God, only my haggard and broken life, that He can and He will use all of this for His greater good and for the expansion of His kingdom.

Likewise today I would challenge you to give God everything that you have. Even if that is a cracked and broken vessel of a life and allow him to use each part of you in order to bless another and to ensure the greatness and Glory of God is seen. Do church today, Do something to impact another for God!



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