Death to Love

Sometimes I wonder about our outlook on life. Yesterday I was speaking to a great friend who was telling me about Clare De Graths book ‘The ten second rule’ and how he states in it that all things, all things become new. We were meditating on the words in Philippians 3:12 that state ‘forgetting what is behind’ and joking that thankfully that’s how God is. He forgets and so should we. For me I believe God created seasons, and time, to show us simply a Motto we should live by; ‘the winter is not bad, just different’. I believe that it’s in the spiritual winters of our lives, in the seasons of doubt and of confusion that we learn most about our true character but also Gods. We learn to lean on Him in a way we would never have had to before. We learn to rely on His majestic strength and on His open arms. We learn to run to Him and to fall into his Grace and know the abundance of it. Winters are not bad, winters are learning seasons, times of trial and hardship they do not mean God has left us. It can mean God has redirected us and that is OK because He can see the big picture and we are required to trust Him.
Look at the story of Ruth in the bible. The first chapter is riddled with Naomi’s burdens and trials, her pain, and her misery. It is a story that begins poorly, covered in the death of her husband and her sons Naomi decides she has no choice than to go home, to a familiar place, a place that she hoped would allow her to just ‘be’. The only catch was that she had not planned in the loyalty of her daughter in law Ruth who would not leave her. So they travelled together down this road and suddenly they are thrown back into life, in the old days. Life with Naomi’s old friends, when we are told of how Ruth gleans for food and finds a man named Boaz. The story unfolds from death to love and it allows us a glimpse of Jesus. A glimpse of his open arms as we run to him the same way that Boaz held his arms wide open to Ruth. You see Naomi’s winter was the start of Ruth summer. It was the beginning of what would be and when these people married and started their family they then became the great ancestors of the only true gentleman who will ever walk our world, Jesus. It was painful for Naomi to find her husband and children dead and have no way of life, YET God provided. He made a way and in turn allowed these women to make history. Although our lives at times do not make sense and the pain is real. Be assured the summer WILL come. It is around the corner. Stay strong, for all you know the Lords plans for your life might just blow you away.


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