‘Where are your accusers?’

‘He is so handsome’ she would tell her friends thinking nothing of his looks and gestures. They were both married, however everyone knew they had loved each other since they were old enough to know what true love is. As the culture of the day her father married her of to the rich and strong man, a friend of the family, he would tell her that if she married him she would never be in want, yet she loved this man, it was this man who she would always want. She would watch him at the city gate on her way past with her friends and their children into the market. She yearned for him, for his arms around her and for his love. Did he feel the same about her? Who knew. Until one day that is she was walking alone to the market and he approached her. One thing led to another and a few weeks down the line she was having more than an emotional fling, but a physical affair. The law, her morals, it all forbade it, and she knew all of the risks but she had loved him for as long as she knew and it was as though she just couldn’t help herself. They were convinced their affair and love was hidden until that frightening day. The afternoon came again as she was with him and suddenly the doors to the house were burst open and strutting into her home was the religious men of the day. She tried to cover herself up and yet they showed no mercy. Instead they dragged her kicking and screaming across the city to Jesus, ashamed, degraded, exposed. They Cried out loud ‘what do we do with her. Moses says stone her, what do you say?’ The men tried to trip Jesus up crying to Him louder and louder. As Jesus kneeled to the ground He wrote with his fingers in the sand. Silence fell for a moment, before they began again ‘Well Jesus, will we stone her’ they shouted, ‘the law forbids such tedious acts’ another said. All the while this poor girl is silently praying to a Yahweh who she wasn’t even sure would help, to save her. She wasn’t the only one in the wrong but she was the woman. Finally after a long pause as the crowd was gathering larger encircling her and her shame, Jesus rises from his knees. He assesses the men, stones in hand, assured of their political correctness and begins with “He who is without sin among you, let him throw a stone at her first.’ Jesus knelt to the ground again writing in the sand, at first she only heard shuffling footprints eyes closed tightly awaiting the first blow, but to the woman’s surprise the men one by one eldest to youngest slowly dropped their stones in the sand and moved away from her, they slowly faded of into to the crowd as Jesus continued to write in the sand.
When he finally lifted His head Jesus looked her in the eye asking ‘where are your accusers? Has no one condemned you?’ She replied ‘no one Lord’. ‘Neither do I’ came the reply. ‘Now go and sin no more.’


This for me, while part fiction, is the perfect example of our lives before God. Only too often we are caught in the middle of our sin. Be it lies, adultery, or other sins who knows what fills our days. Yet so many times the devil catches us of guard and takes us by the hand before God. We try to clean our selves up, cover the sin, and run free from his accusing grip, but when we are finally flung at his feet we are met each time with his mercy which is new, and fresh and every time and His reply is the same. Go and sin no more.

God no longer looks at us through distant eyes instead he looks at us through His only son. He sees the painful nail printed scars on his hands and the sword that sliced into His side. He sees the cross and all of it’s horrific details and He sees Jesus blood poured out to cover our sins. So his reply to the devil will always be the same. She or he is mine.

We are safe and secure in knowing that we are not condemned through our stupid acts. No we are forgiven by a faithful and just God who’s only request is that we confess our sins and go on to lead lives pleasing to the father.

You are not a failure, You are human. You are made in the image of God, bought by the blood of God and kept by the love of God. Never forget that The Lord waits with arms wide open for us to run into them with a love that never ceases, and never fails.


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