Good Friday..?

Good Friday? Such a complex term. The day Jesus died for our sins was the most excruciating of His life on earth. Good? I’m not sure the brutal facts surrounding His death can be deemed as Good but the fact that my sins were nailed to that tree with Him… That’s Good. The fact that on that day sin and death was broken… That’s good. The fact that the veil was torn and we now have access to God the father for eternity… That is Good. The day in itself may not be Good but the meaning, the result, the completion of that day means that we have a peace, a love, a connection with God beyond anything that the Israelites would have know before then.

My omnipresent, all knowing God walks with me every day, and I have that privilege because His love was so vast that it allowed Him to send Jesus to die for us on a cross at Calvary. It may have seemed like the roman soldiers had won the day but they didn’t. Jesus allowed Himself to be sacrificed in the place of us. The price has been paid and because of all of this I AM free! 

That is why it is Good Friday!


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