Being still,
What does that mean? in a life that feeds fury and fast and everything in a moment. What does it mean when God says still?
Does it mean sitting down, do nothing? Does it mean taking yourself from the rat race that is life and saying no? Could it mean stopping and believing in one who knows much better than we could think or imagine?
Time never stands still, life never stops, it moves on, it carries, it is shaking, it doesn’t stop for no man. Time runs on and we are in a life that says run, run as fast as you can, trample over any one that you can, get your dreams, you go and get your desires, because what you want matters more than anything else that could come in your way.
But then there is this quiet voice that sits in the background and stays still.
That says be still and know that I am God, that I AM GOD, Sovereign, unchanging, unshaking, all knowing, omnipresent, and the maker, the creator, the imaginative source of all things. The one who was and the One who will always be because still does not mean stop and it does not mean run no longer. NO. it means run, but run like I am the only one watching. Run because your crown at the end that you will cast at my feet matters more than anything else.
It means Still.
It means be still and do not act on anything else, but let God take control. It means put your hand in Mine, put your hand in Gods, the biggest and most capable hand of all. It means put your hand in Gods and walk each step in His footprints. He already knows, God has been there and through Jesus He knows the pain, and uncertainty of absence, and sometimes the pain of presence and He knows what you go through.
But Be still, put your eyes on God, only on God, and be still. Because when all else fades away and the seasons change and when time moves on I am unchanging, I am God, I am almighty, I am everything you could hope for and I am everything you could dream, I am the I AM, the past the present, and the future.
So when you hear the words be still, do not think that is your moment to step out, to cop out, do not think that is your moment to sit down. No, No that is your moment to stand up, to hold on, to stand in the strength found only in God. That is your moment to wait and that is your moment to love God and find out exactly what He would have you do. It is a moment to seek God, that is the moment to pursue Him the most, not things, not life, not conjured up feelings, or actions. In Him all things are made perfect, pure, understood. Our ways are made known when we pursue God and God alone.
So on those days where it feels like it’s give up, on those days where is sit down and shut up, when it feels like what’s the point. The pursuit of God waits for you.
So Be still and know that He is God.


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