Mustard seed of faith :)

I adore reading through the lives of the biblical characters. From Adam and Eve and their choice of free will right through to the story of Paul a man who was converted in the most unconventional of ways.

But sometimes I am led to wonder. I am led to wonder why these people lived such extraordinary lives?
The bible series I watched recently said

their story helps to define who we are

I firmly believe that God put their stories into a historical book such as the bible for us to understand the people we are called to be.

I believe we are called for more than the average. We are created to be more than just simple humans who deal with the humdrum of live but a people who are to experience the awesomeness of God and His might and strength. I’ll be honest there are days like today that I do not feel strong, nor like a mighty daughter of an eternal King, and some days I feel like God isn’t even listening to what I have going on. The truth is my heart knows that God is in control, and that His ear is always inclined to me, and that he will never leave me or fore-sake me, and I am loved by father God with a never ending love.

With that in mind it’s on the days where I struggle most that I pray the most audacious prayers. Ones that stir my faith to believe. I think over the Godly men and women in the bible and I remember that while I have hein sight to their situation they never. They only had the words of their fathers, mothers, grandparents, and family friends. They simply trusted in God to do and to be who He is in their lives without meddling in His plans.

Let’s be logical about this look at Abraham. He was a man who had been given a promise in his youth, 25 years on he finally stops waiting and lives in the promise of his only son to his wife sarah, but then God calls for a sacrifice of the promise. The reality is that God wanted Abraham to love Him more than the promised son, Genesis 22:5 says that Abraham told his servants to await his return and That they would return to them. He uses the word ‘we‘. That is audacious faith. By any means Abraham believed God was in control and that God would if not raise his son from the dead that he would provide a sacrifice for him. I have no idea what Abraham must have been thinking during this long walk to the mount or what went through Isaac’s mind. As a mother of two small children I could not bear to sacrifice them. To give them, not only up, but to kill them to appease God. Thankfully God provided as he always was going to and we now know Him as Jehovah Jireh (Genesis 22:14). What if Abraham had not took this step in faith? What would have happened to Abraham and his family. Would they have known God in such a deep and personal way?

Then there is Esther. One of my absolute favourite characters in the bible. The young orphan girl who is kidnapped by the King with lots of other girls to fight for the Kings approval, because his wife has been banished from the kingdom. She finds favour with him and then she finds out her people are to be killed, Esther included. What does she do? At first she panics but then she takes counsel from a wise old cousin who tells her that it’s possible

she was born for such a time as this

Esther 4:14. So she fasts, Mordecai and his friends fast for 3 days and they pray and then she goes to the king. She knew if he didn’t want to see her she would die and her people would also but God saw to it that she would be the one who would save her people from the death sentence put onto their lives by Haman the Kings right hand man. What would have been of Esther had she not stood up in Gods strength and told the King of such wickedness under his own nose?

Or Caleb and Joshua? Who stood looking at giants with 10 of their friends and were the only 2 able to say but God will go before us and we will take Jericho. Or what about David who stood 4 or 5ft tall before a Philistine giant named Goliath, who was 7-10ft tall and blaspheming His God, or Jonathan who took his armour bearer and fought in the name of The Lord against the Philistines his father Saul was called to eradicate from the promised land.

All of these men and women have one thing in common. Faith. A belief and a hope that God will work things for the good of those who love him. God was on their side each time but at every step none of these people in the Old Testament new what the final out come would be. They simply new God had provided them with a task and it was up to them to step into it and to trust in the hand of the almighty.

The reality is God works everything out but we are able to sit today in the knowledge that God the creator will work for our good as we can look back and pray audacious faith seeped prayers.

Today in the midst of your giants, your death sentence, your sacrifice, or your battles I would urge you to look to God where your help will come from. Not might but will. Gods might is made so perfect in our weakness and even if you have to scream out loud that God is healer, saviour, provider, or Lord, for you to have a mustard seed of faith in that then do so. For it is only a mustard seed of faith that is required for us to say to mountains move from here to here.

Trust God, and let go.



2 thoughts on “Mustard seed of faith :)

  1. When God touches our lives mighty things happen it’s the same today as it was back in bible times and the lives of the people we read about who experienced the power of an almighty God. The key as you say is Faith, the faith to believe the faith to trust.
    This was a beautiful piece of writing Michelle it brought alive the those who we read about and sometimes forget they were hurt like us, struggling with there own problems and failures. I enjoyed reading it and felt inspired to keep trusting even with the faith as small as a mustard seed.

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