What will your gift be?

Wrapping presents and sorting them into piles of who’s is who is one of the most enjoyable parts of christmas for me. I am so excited about giving out my presents. I have picked, handmade and thought over each one individually.

However today I was lead to thinking of the wise men who came from a far of place to meet with Jesus. Where the real story of Christmas began. The gifts they brought were frankincense, gold and myrrh. Each one given to a king in worship. These men each had the humble privilege of kneeling down and admiring this little one in swaddling clothes, in a bed of straw, or snuggled by this unknown virgin girl from a place far from where she now sat with no one beside her other than her betrothed Joseph.

Wow. What it would have been like to experience that moment. The whirlwind of emotions that would have passed as Mary recounted the days and months before it. The visits from the angels and the voice of heaven.

These seconds changed history for humanity. These moments led to the mediation between God and man and they opened the door of heaven for all who believed.

On this day I am drawn to think if I were there today, If I could see Him face to face what would I give. Would I give him Gold. You see the truth is all we are asked for is ourselves. We are only required by God to allow Him to move freely in our lives.

This Christmas I choose to give a gift that won’t go under my tree, nor will I wrap it, this year I will give all of who I am to God and say use me in any way, change me to be more like you and allow my heart, my life and my spirit to honour you in a way I have not ever before.

I will give the gift of freedom to God and allow Him to move in my life, in my family, and in my circumstances. And as I do I will love God and others more. As my hearts increasing levels of love towards God begins to flourish then so will my love towards man kind and I will be compelled to give more to them also.

I chose this Christmas to be captivated by God and I know in return I will receive a gift from him also. The gift of his love, and the cleansing blood of His son.

What will your gift be this year??



2 thoughts on “What will your gift be?

  1. I love this Michelle it’s so true if we just stop and peep up from under the pile of presents, paper and Christmas cards we will find out what Christmas really means and when we find the answer the celebrations take on a whole new meaning. The greatest gift we can give to God is our hearts and lives for his will. Thank you for sharing your thoughts truly inspiring

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