I love lighthouses and the sea, I love the peacefulness that can be felt beside the ocean. How small we seem
In comparison to this vast expanse. However I do remember vividly a time when I was younger a night by a lake that was the furthest thing from peaceful. A child had gone missing and I was thinking of this recently. It occurred to me that we wouldn’t dream of throwing a half blown life vest to a person drowning, but we would complete our best efforts in trying to save them… This lead me to a God thought.
I am fascinated by arts of evangelism. We tell people that God is only love, or that if they are not saved they will go to hell and be damned for eternity.
Well technically both is true however singly they are only half truths and alone are simply that half blown life vests. It isn’t the whole truth and it definitely will not save someone from drowning in a sea of sin. Without the whole truth we are unable to fully grow and develop in God. We are unable to grow roots in Gods word as only half of it applies leading to unfruitful lives.
If we tell our unsaved love ones only of love they will never comprehend the requirement of self examination, or of constant washing in the blood of Jesus hindering their walk with God and possibly causing a society of people who live in two camps because God is a God of grace and love, some would think we can live as we please and forgiveness will come in abundance. The word of God says that we cannot expect to live this way and produce fruit for God and fruitless life is useless to Christ.
We however cannot expect to tell a person only of the wrath of God for they will feel condemned all of the time never knowing what it is to be free in God, to know sins forgiven and to look forward to the day he returns.
We must give them a complete over view of Gods many characteristics. He is Jealous, and loving, a God of wrath, and grace, but always faithful.
Without all of this our evangelistic efforts are in vain.
The church is not just a wonderful idea. It is a lighthouse in a dark world. To be the light we must show those in danger in the sea of sin that the light, that is Jesus, bore Gods wrath and in love died for us.
We must be people who minister Gods word to be the lighthouse for today’s sinful generation no matter what generation we belong to.


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