9/11: never forgotten

9/11 was one day in the history of this world that caused the hearts of so many people world wide to break, to cry out and to pray.
I remember the day like it was yesterday although we are 12 years on. I remember coming home from school sitting with my sister on our beds pretending to do home works. we were 14 and 15 years old when a close friend of ours came running in the door, down our hall way shouting that the twin towers collapsed. We were shocked. In fact neither myself nor my sister even believed it was true. So much so we jumped from the top bunk of our bunk beds and run down to turn on the tv and see for ourselves. To prove him wrong. Only to our sorrow even at our young ages we were met with the horrific truth that he was right. The world was shaken and the hearts of those who stood by helpless were melted for those involved.
They say 2,996 people died that day. Physically yes but so many more hearts broke and will never mend. Husbands, wives, daughters, sons, friends all expected their loved ones home and no one walked through the door.
Today the pain they feel is still unbearable. The pain the anguish and the shock is no doubt as real today as it was when the news reports hit the worldwide tv screens. Firemen, policemen, paramedics devoted to their jobs, and citizens devoted to humanity lost in trying to save those who were indirectly targeted.
The truth is, not one life that died that day was a specific target, but each one was lost doing their jobs, and living their lives. None the less their lives were lost and humanity was struck hard at its core.
Have we moved on any?
If you ask me the answer is no. Today we sit with one million refugees from Syria. Children, husbands and wives lost at the hands of men who set out for their own agenda. We sit with orphans world wife starving at the agenda of the richest and those who won’t offer their multitudes of pounds to help the lost and broken. We see destruction, death, loneliness, depression, and loveless ness s world wide. Why?? Why can we not learn from such events and live to bless others, to devote our days into loving others, and to assisting each other. Why do we have to be destructive to humanity and why should some be lost in hunger, loneliness, and sadness?
My prayer this anniversary of 9/11 is that we as a nation of people would learn. Learn to love as Jesus loved and live like him, Blessing others with no ulterior motive. Simple love shown in action. My prayer is that if each of us show love and show Christ then it might rub of on others and cause a revival in the hearts of those we meet and who knows what could happen. Love changes things. Lets be changers.


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