Wow what a word. It’s the scary, exciting, unknown that we throw ourselves into with no clue as to what will come next. In some cases We decide we want a baby to love and cherish, and in other cases we ‘find out’ we’re expecting and adjust to suit.
We spend 7:8 months trying to prepare. Making sure we have all we need, nappies, cot, clothes. We try to ensure we ourselves are prepared mentally and physically in moving homes, decorating bedrooms, marriage, love.
Then in what seems like ‘all of a sudden’ (even in the pains of labour) we have this little bundle in our arms and its in that moment that we realise that we are now the sole responsibility for this tiny human being. That all the things this child will ever need or want fall on us. Reality strikes and we leave the hospital in an odd reality that life isn’t what we thought it would be. The baby is a 24/7 job, there is no break. Even when our family or friends baby sit we still don’t break from them because we worry, we wonder and we miss them.
Strangely in all of the above we fall so deeply in love that all of it is the most rewarding thing we could ever do. I suffered post natal depression after having Emily (my first baby) and it was months down the line before I could process the joy and the love, but it comes. It comes in a moment and we know that this little life will grow and love us as much as we love him or her.
We go through trials and tribulations and we worry but in it all we have smiles, cuddles, first words, first steps, laughs to keep us going. To make us feel like maybe just maybe we are getting this roller coaster of a journey right.
Some days we get it nail on the head and other days our babies just don’t play ball.
We chose a life unknowingly. We don’t know what’s ahead but as a mother of a 2 and a half year old beautiful ginger haired princess and an 1 year old chubby cheeked brown eyed sweetie I can assure you that parenting, this motherhood, it’s all worth it.
The fun, the laughs, the tears, the tantrums… It’s all learning curves and in each laugh or each tantrum we teach them to deal with life, we teach them to love, care, share, and to be who they are to be.
We as their mother are their teacher, cleaner, laundrette, cook, and support and in all of it I would challenge you to find one mammy who would say its not worth the hours, my role as their mam is to ensure that every day, all day, my babies are happy, healthy, loved, cherished, prayed for, and fed and watered.
They are the children God gave me. Untimely blessings. Who much to my surprise get me through days when I feel like crying when I realise its morning and I have the full day of busyness ahead, my girls laugh and giggle and make it all worth it.

Motherhood…. My definition is that its ‘The crazy mad unknown that we willingly put ourselves through reaping benefits daily.’ Love it, Steep in it and cherish it. The rewards are more than we can number.



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