Are you like Bartimaeus?

Isn’t this story found in Mark 10 remarkable. A man who had never seen through his own eyes is suddenly healed. A man who had never witnessed a sunrise or set, a bird making a nest, a dog playing with a bone, the cloud formations, or spent time looking someone in the eye while having … Continue reading Are you like Bartimaeus?


Finding God in the Bitter Sweet

I’m sure we have all faced circumstances in the past that come with mixed emotions. Life throws things our way, and at times that leaves us understanding the saying ‘It was bitter sweet’. Many a moment can come that is filled with heartache or grief, confusion or uncertainty, but also joy and happiness, excitement or … Continue reading Finding God in the Bitter Sweet

The tomb

Can you imagine the scene? Your first born baby boy has been slain, taken from you at 33 and mutilated. He has been humiliated, lied about, spat upon, and pinned to a plank of wood to where he would breathe his last breath. Can you feel the pain in the heart of Mary? I have … Continue reading The tomb

Even If…

I’m not sure about how your year has gone so far. We’ve just approached March. 2 months of the year gone already, and we’ve only 10 left to live until we end 2018. I’m not sure if they have been happy times for you, or sad times, worrisome or exhilarating. My year has been all … Continue reading Even If…

Be Prepared.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying by Benjamin Franklin ‘failing to prepare, is preparing to fail’. Preparation is key for life. Our farmers plant seeds in the spring preparing for an autumnal harvest Without these seeds and the time of the farmer, no harvest would be produced. Expecting mother’s prepare for new babies, purchasing and … Continue reading Be Prepared.