Hello there,

Welcome to Thoughts from my bible. My name is Michelle.

It was so nice of you to drop by, I hope you enjoy reading some of my previous or current posts over a cup of tea. I would love to connect with you, so feel free to drop a comment or connect via social media.

Have a great day!

Recent Blog Posts

20 years later

Today marks 20 years since I walked through the doors of this building. That is more than half of my life time. I was only 14 then, almost 15. At 14 I changed school and met the lovely Hollie! She invited me to her church, I was reluctant but she finally wore me down. I…

Doubt can lead to Delusion

Today I was studying through Genesis when I looked again at Chapter 3. This is what most people call the account of the fall. Everything before this point was Shalom, the picture of perfection, Holy, clean, untainted. From these verses on, everything changes. Devastation takes root and the shalom that humanity once knew, is then…

Spending time with Jesus with a busy schedule.

Life gets busy, there is no denying it. Usually we are one of two types of people. Either we have a busy life style with a long to do list, or we are procrastinators who fiddle until nothing is done. Usually I am the former, but the odd time I do slip into procrastination mode.…

5 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I pray that God uses your blog to encourage and bless others. Your heart for sharing and blessing is so refreshing your honesty of were you come from and what God is doing in your life is inspiring . Continue to grow in the things of God, let him mould you and make you into that vessel used for his service., and may your prayer always be “Your will be done Lord” xx

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