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Welcome to Thoughts from my bible. My name is Michelle.

It was so nice of you to drop by, I hope you enjoy reading some of my previous or current posts over a cup of tea. I would love to connect with you, so feel free to drop a comment or connect via social media.

Have a great day!

Recent Blog Posts

International women’s Day

On International Women’s Day, God we ask that you to breathe life into the women who surround us.Women who are tore down, stressed, anxious, over worked, sleepless and tired, joyful, overflowing, happy and laughing.As you met Eve, sinful and naked, God meet the women today who live in sin and see no way out, show…

A New Pursuit

Recently I was asked to share at a Prayer Breakfast in my home church. Of course my mind instantly went to verses in the bible that discuss God doing new things, new year, renewing of the old. But around the same time God and I had been having lots of conversation around two verses. They…

A Hagar alternative

I always love how scripture is full of learning moments. Our scenarios may not be the same, usually they never are, but the lessons remain perfect. Abraham is one of my favourites in scripture, (yes, ok, If you’ve been around a while I say that a lot! They are all my favs). In his one…

5 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I pray that God uses your blog to encourage and bless others. Your heart for sharing and blessing is so refreshing your honesty of were you come from and what God is doing in your life is inspiring . Continue to grow in the things of God, let him mould you and make you into that vessel used for his service., and may your prayer always be “Your will be done Lord” xx

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